Disaster Restoration Equipment

Our trauma cleanup team prides itself on being able to effectively and efficiently clean any Phoenix property. Our bio-cleaning team provides every cleaning tool needed to clean toxins, mold, bacteria, odors, blood, bodily body fluids, and stains, and we train all our employees on how to use these methods properly, safely, and successfully.

Our odor removal team uses the most up-to-date technologies to remove possibly the toughest odors. Our thermal fogging process is state-of-the art and works by producing highly visible haze through heat. When this fog is joined with a deodorizer, it could get into every inch of a home, including into small fibers of carpets along with sofas. The thick, highly visible fog also we can see exactly where this fog goes, so simply no area is left neglected. We take this bio-cleaning process one step further by adding a fresh scent to our fogging system, which leaves your belongings with an incredibly clean smell. For even more difficult cases, we use an increased level of ozone fuel to disinfect and deodorize air. The high levels of ozone gas we use are unsafe for human exposure over the process, and thus can only be employed by trained and fully-protected persons, such as ourselves. The main advantages of using ozone gas resemble the benefits of employing a thermal fogger; deodorizing gas particles are so small however so numerous they can get into any split, nook, corner, and stuff, deodorizing even the nearly all hidden or hard-to-reach destinations. Our high-level ozone fuel attack on odors may be the most aggressive approach that can be taken today, and can remove even the toughest of odors.

When clean-up hazardous materials federal law requires proper removal along with adequate disposal. We have all of the tools, containers, transportation, and disposal equipment needed to comply with these regulations safely and fully, also to expertly clean up soon after any violent crime, untreated death, or self-inflicted injury. After removing hazardous resources, we bio-wash hard floors, such as a concrete slabs along with the interior of wall cavities, making use of anti-microbial agents. The toxins and residue which can be removed during our blend steam cleaning and self-contained pressure-washing process are immediately extracted to a recovery tank mounted inside our bio-cleaning truck, ready intended for proper disposal. Our bio-cleaning employees are all trained along with experienced in both intensive cleaning and decontamination operations.

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