Monsoon Flood Damage 2017 Season


It’s that time of year again.  The 2014 Arizona Monsoon Season is right around the corner.

If you reside in Arizona, you know by now that it is a place prone to Monsoons, which normally plague the region during summer every year. Many people have wondered why a place like Arizona should be experiencing Monsoon which is a natural disaster common to Asia.

The truth of the matter is that Monsoons are not precipitation based as some people have come to believe, it is based upon a natural wind shift which affects places like Phoenix and surrounding areas. Flooding is a common problem associated with this natural disaster, leading to serious water damages. Phoenix has been hit severely by this problem, and the home and business owners have been at the receiving end.

Water from these Arizona floods if left untreated can breed mold growth which causes structural defects in buildings and will weaken structures gradually, making it a potential danger for the inhabitants.

Put all of these together with damages that comes to properties like furniture, books, electronics, etc, and you will know that floods in Phoenix are a phenomenon that has to be combated with all the resources it takes to affect an enduring solution.

Flood Damage Phoenix, AZ 2014

In the wake of flood damage, Phoenix always has serious need for restoration work to be done on those homes, basements, and businesses that have been flooded.

This is where we come in; Disaster Restoration, LLC is a professional flood cleaning service company, with decades of experience in handling problems involving flood and water damages in the Arizona region.

We use our state of the art water drying equipment to quickly restore your building back to its normal self, removing and treating all contaminated parts to prevent any health havoc. We also carry out repair work on any parts of the building that has been damaged, like water pipes, septic tank, flooring, etc.

Avaliable 24/7 and our team on site within 45 minutes!