Sanitation and Disinfection

Filth Cleaning Phoenix

There are many things that can happen to an Arizona property that can require our professional sanitation and disinfection services. Houses that have been abandoned or neglected can accumulate toxins, bacteria, and rot. Homes of hoarders can also become so overwhelmed with belongings that bacteria and toxins can grow while hidden underneath the mess. Violent crimes, unattended deaths, injuries, and suicide attempts can all leave behind blood and bodily fluids that require professional bio cleaning services to protect and preserve the Arizona property.

When cleaning hazardous materials, federal law requires proper removal and disposal. We carefully follow all national standards when handling and removing hazardous materials and provide both sewage intrusion and bio cleaning services as needed. We have all the tools, containers, transportation, and disposal equipment necessary to comply with these laws safely and fully, and to expertly clean any Arizona property.

After removing hazardous materials, we bio-wash hard surfaces, such as a concrete slabs and the interior of wall cavities, using anti-microbial agents. The toxins and residue that are removed during our combination steam cleaning and self-contained pressure-washing process are immediately extracted to a recovery tank mounted inside our bio-cleaning truck, ready for proper disposal. Our Arizona sanitation and disinfection staff members are all trained and experienced in both intense cleaning and decontamination processes.

If you own a distressed property, of if you feel a loved one is living in an unhealthy situation, give our Arizona sanitation and disinfection team a call today. We will quickly and thoroughly clean and decontaminate any Arizona property up to federal standards, and can provide odor control or even crime scene cleanup as well, in order to protect the property and current and future occupants.