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Hoarding is a pattern of behavior that is characterized by the excessive acquisition of and inability or unwillingness to discard large quantities of objects that cover the living areas of the home and cause significant distress or impairment.  If you have a Phoenix-metro area property that has been affected by extreme hoarding, our hoarding and filth cleanup team can help to remove garbage and clutter and then decontaminate and restore the underlying property.   Hoarding behavior has been associated with health risks, impaired functioning, economic burden, and adverse effects on friends and family members.  It can also be dangerous if it puts the individual or others at risk from fire, poor sanitation, and other health concerns.  Due to the extreme nature of a Phoenix hoarding environment, professionals must wear Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), during cleanup to reduce the risk of exposure to diseases, as well as a host of other risk factors. Disaster Restoration provides hoarding cleanup services to eliminate the trash and debris, clean and sterilize the home, and return it to its original condition.

Why Choose Us:

  • Over 20+ Years of Hoarding Cleanup Experience
  • Certified, Licensed and Insured
  • We Work Directly With Your Insurance Company
  • We Use the Most Advanced Cleaning Technology

Types of Hoarding Cleanup We Respond To:

  • Animal Hoarding (live or dead)
  • Fire Hazards Hoarding
  • Trash Buildup
  • Human Feces
  • Clutter

Signs and symptoms of hoarding may include:

  • Cluttered living spaces
  • Inability to discard items
  • Keeping stacks of newspapers, magazines or junk mail
  • Moving items from one pile to another, without discarding anything
  • Acquiring unneeded or seemingly useless items, including trash
  • Difficulty managing daily activities, including procrastination and trouble making decisions
  • Difficulty organizing items
  • Perfectionism
  • Excessive attachment to possessions, and discomfort letting others touch or borrow possessions
  • Limited or no social interactions


Resources For Cleaning Up After A Hoarder

Hoarding Task Force 

Arizona Hoarding Task Resources


Case studies From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

The following (edited) case study is taken from a published account of compulsive hoarding:[49]

The client, D, lived with her two children, ages 11 and 14, and described her current hoarding behavior as a ‘small problem that mushroomed’ many years ago, along with corresponding marital difficulties. D reported that her father was a hoarder, and that she started saving when she was a child … The volume of cluttered possessions took up approximately 70 percent of the living space in her house. With the exception of the bathroom, none of the rooms in the house could easily be used for their intended purpose. Both of the doors to the outside were blocked, so entry to the house was through the garage and the kitchen, where the table and chairs were covered with papers, newspapers, bills, books, half-consumed bags of chips, and her children’s school papers dating back ten years.

The following case study is taken from a published account of compulsive hoarding:[8]

A 79-year-old woman recently died in a fire at her Washington, D.C., row house when ‘pack rat conditions’ held back firefighters from reaching her in time. A couple of days later, 47 firefighters from four cities spent two hours fighting a fire in a Southern California home before they were able to bring it under control. There was floor-to-ceiling clutter that had made it almost impossible for them to come in the house.


Let Disaster Restoration handle any of your Phoenix Metro hoarding cleanup needs.  We are licensed, bonded and insurance approved.